Great Sunrise Through a Dirty Windshield

Our last one!!


Last Day in the Van, Ever

I don’t know if I’m happy that we’ll be in Pine Mountain today. I’m excited to meet all these people I’ve heard so much about but its sad to be leaving this dumb van and trailer..

Biloxi, MS to Pine Mointain, GA today.

Today’s drive

Only 10 hours. We got to sleep in until 5:00!

Somewhere just outside of Houston getting gas as I post this.


Great live music.


So I guess Austin has the world’s largest urban bat population. We watched them come out to do their evening’s feeding.

Today’s Drive

Short, sweet, and done.


We talked Sally into letting us sleep over as we passed through Dallas. As usual she and Peter fed us as much as possible. I need to find another excuse to get back here.

Road side repair

Well, it appears that the damage from our mystery jack-knife finally gave in to the wind. Nothing a multi-tool and Jane can’t fix.


Ha, they call it pop in the middle of nowhere Kansas!

On the road early again


Jane insisted we get gas here….


Sometimes getting on the road at 4:00am has it’s advantages.