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$4,000….done and done

The $4000.00 mark was officially surpassed at 12:09:33 2-25-2009 with the generous donation of my parents.  It was prefaced with a donation from Athi T. and quickly followed by a donation from my grandparents.  Thanks everyone!

I guess since it’s only the end of February and I’ve already raised my original $4000.00 goal its time to up the goal.  $6000.00 sounds good to me.


Edit: I would also like to point out that, because of the great support from all of my donors, I was the first person on my route to reach the $4000.00 mark!



First and foremost, thank you to my most recent donors Lara N, TomS, Abby S, Kris B, Jim and Amy S, my Aunt Beth and Uncle Rodger, and my Aunt Kim and Uncle Terry.  $500 in 2 days!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  I am continually amazed at the generosity of my donors.  

When I sat down to write the fund raising letter that all my potential donors received and decide how much money to ask for from each person I intentionally erred on the high side.  If I thought Bob would only be willing to donate $30, I asked for $50.  I decided it was a better bet to ask for too much than to ask for too little.  That way, if I was wrong about how much Bob wanted to give, and he really wanted to give $45 he would just give $45 and I would be happy to get it.  However, if I had asked for only $30 when he really wanted to give $45, he might have only given $30 thinking I didn’t need the full $45 he was willing to give.  Does that make sense?  Maybe it sounds like I turned fund raising into a statistical game (I did) but it’s worked out great.

Despite asking for far more than I thought most people would be willing to give, per donation I am recieving on average 110.45% more than I asked for!  Isn’t that amazing?

Thanks again everyone.

New Stat

Yes, I am keeping a little bit of statistical data on my donations.  This data is what makes the Fun Facts at the right of the page possible.  I’ve added a new Fun Fact, Median Donation.  The average is starting to skew a bit to the high side.  My participation in my risk analysis class is giving me a new appreciation for proper partial descriptors of a data set.

It’s alright, I know I’m a nerd.

Training 2/15-2/21

2/15 – 24.33 miles in 1:18
2/16 – 15.50 miles in 1:00
2/17 – 0 miles
2/18 – 0 miles
2/19 – 0 miles
2/20 – 0 miles
2/21 – 0 miles

Eek, the leaset amount of miles I’ve ridden since the first week of Jaurary.  Ugh, can you tell school has picked up?

Another unsolicited donation

This is great.  I got another unsolicited donation today from the aunt of my supervisor whom I used to work for when I was a graduate assistant at ESLARP here at the University of Illinois.  Thanks Pat, I is very appreciated!

New Bike

I did it. I went for the Giant Defy Alliance 0.  It took me 4 days to decide, and then another final intense hour of meticulously examining the specs of 3 different bikes.  The pros of this model include the wheel set (Mavik Aksiums), the frame construction, the rear derailleur, the compact crank, and the decent tires (although I already have a set of training tires and a set of racing tires, maybe I can sell these?).

Awesome, I’m excited.



I forgot to mention below that I currently have the bike order form in my possession.  I am trying to decide if I want to go all out and grab a fully carbon frame or save some cash and go with something more like a Giant Alliance frame (50% carbon, 50% aluminum).  I ride an aluminum frame right now with a carbon fork.  I want to upgrade and this is the perfect opportunity; I can buy the new bike cheaply through Bike and Build (because of sponsorship, not your donations!).

I’m worried about the durability of a carbon frame on a cross country trip.  I don’t expect to go down, but I’ll be riding with 32 other people, some of whom haven’t ridden a bike since they were 10!  What if I get my rear wheel clipped, or someone forgets to clip out at a stop sign and falls on me?  One crack in a carbon frame and it’s game over.

Decisions, decisions.  Comments welcome.