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Bikes and Technology

Yikes,  the end of the school year is approaching quickly.  I have 2.5 weeks of class left before finals and 1 week remaining before the first of my licencing exams.  I can’t wait for this to all be over.

Vess dragged me out on a quick, short ride on Friday afternoon.  I figured it was a great chance to use my new phone to capture a GPS record of the ride.  I plan to do this for each leg of the ride this summer. If all went well you should be able to see our route below (yeah, short and boring, but give me a break, it was the first time on my bike in 3 weeks).


I really don’t have time to write this

(I’ve been doing a take home exam for around 8 hours now, I really shouldn’t be doing this.  School sucks though, enough of that nonsense.)

The leader retreat in Philly this was weekend really was great.  It’s hard to describe how and why, so I’ll make a halfway random stream-of-conscience list:

  • The people were great, no-bullshit, down to earth people.  It’s great to be around people that are my peers and actually give a hoot about something other than OMG MTV on Facebook, playing videogame, Roxorz!!111
  • Enthusiasm, the enthusiasm we all had was great, it blew me away.
  • Motivation, a result of the enthusiasm
  • I learned a ton from the alumni riders/leaders that gave the rest of presentations on ride hygiene, ride social structure/politics, bike set-up, bike safety, and Dan’s dot dot dots.
  • Leaders, I got to meet my 3 other route co-leaders in person for the first time.  Good stuff, I think we’ll get along great this summer.
  • Coffee, I drank it.
  • Thermarest, I slept on one.
  • Rita’s, I ate it.  I guess it’s an east coast thing, a tasty east coast thing.
  • Bikes, lots of talk about bikes, their care, their personalities, etc
  • n5500215_39264727_7647601 (he did a garbage can at one point)

As a result of holdover motivation I came home and jumped on the phone right away after class Monday afternoon.  I think I locked down something like another 5 verbal confirmations on host sites, with at least 2 of those verbals turning into written confirmations since.  Great stuff.  I am up to 8 or 9 written confirmations, 4 more verbals, and 3 empties.  I should be able to rock this by the end of the month without a problem.

I also got a few of my riders to get their Bike & Build blogs up and running.  Check out their sweet, sweet little corners of the interwebs by following the links to the right under Fellow SUS09’ers.  My favorite is Isabelle’s. Doesn’t it look awesomely familiar?!  Great taste in design! 🙂

I think I just realized I need to sleep.