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Race License

It’s official:

This order has been processed. Thank you for your purchase.
You may save the following receipt for your records.
Your confirmation number is: 871581

Order #: 871581
Auth Code: EQEP3B6E8E7F
Order Date: January 30, 2009, 5:19 pm
Member: Will Godfrey
License #: 289163
Age: 26 as of 12/2009

Ship To: Will Godfrey

Purchase Summary:
NCCA License $30
Payment Summary:
Total Credit Card Payment $30



Most people know that before my horrific motorcycle accident I was a server at Chili’s here in Champaign. It was an interesting job, to say the least.

I bring it up because I met with the management over there several seeks ago to see if I could get the restaurant involved in some sort of fund raising. They have agreed to sponsor what they call the “Pepper Profit Program” (from here on out I’ll call it PPP to avoid having to write that ridiculous name over and over again) The PPP is set up so that whenever someone presents my little coupon when they pay for their meal on a designated set of days, 10% of their bill will be donated to Bike and Build. So that rocks. You can come back and use another coupon as many times as you want in a single day or spread over multiple days.

I’ve attached the coupons to this post, all you need to do is print them out and use them! The days that they are valid include every Monday in March and April. I chose to do it on Mondays because that is when Chili’s has the cheapest Margaritas 🙂 I’m always thinking ahead. So go get some Chili’s. Unfortunately this is a location specific program so you’ll need to drive to Champaign to participate. Now I just need to find more friends in Champaign…

All you other Bikers and Builders, go into your local Chili’s and see if you can set up your own PPP, apparently they really like to do the cause we bring in business and only take 10% off the business we bring.



Wooo. A donation from Bill B. put us over the $1200.00 mark. Thanks again Bill.

This is a great milestone, it marks the point at which all donations from my generous donors outweigh my personal donation. Thanks everyone, let’s keep it coming.

No VO2 max

Because of the snow yesterday my appointment to get my VO2 max tested was canceled. Not sure if we’ll reschedule, bummer.

Race Schedule

I guess this blog will be about all things bike in my life.  Sure, it’ll be entirely dedicated to Bike and Build come June 10th, but until then I might as well document my first ever season* of collegiate racing as well.

The Spring 2009 race schedule was announced a week or two ago.  It is as follows:

  • 2/28-3/1        Murray State
  • 3/7 -3/ 8        Depauw
  • 3/21-3/22     Notre Dame
  • 3/28                 Michigan State
  • 3/29                 Michigan
  • 4/4                    Purdue
  • 4/5                    Marian
  • 4/18                 UW Madison
  • 4/19                 UW Milwaukee
  • 4/25 – 4/26   Ohio State – regionals

We race in the Midewest Collegiate Cycling Conference, or MWCCC.

*School permitting 😦


  1. Updated Who Am I? page.
  2. Added a Contact Me page
  3. Added the Fun Facts in side bar
  4. Fixed links in FAQ
  5. Updated Donate! Page


And I’m over $1,000 in donations!  Amanda A. was the donor that put me over the edge, I was $0.66 away from $1000 for about 2 days.  Thanks again Amanda.

My excitment is slightly subdued by the fact that $600 of that is my personal donation.  But regardess, I’m 25% of the way done with my fundraising!  I officially started gathering names and address only about 3 weeks ago.