Didn’t donate?  A package of homemade cookies for the road go over well with a group of 32 transient bikers.  Home made baked goods are awesome on the road!

To send mail to me, address your letter/package as follows:

Bike & Build
Attn: Will Godfrey
General Delivery
City, State Zip

Use the following list of dates and locations (City, State Zip) to get your letter/package to the location of your choosing:

  • Thursday, June 18: Marianna, FL 32446-9998
  • Thursday, June 25 (Still setting this one up look out for future emails):
  • Thursday, July 2: Lafayette, LA 70509
  • Thursday, July 9: Garland, TX 75040-9998
  • Thursday, July 17: Clayton, NM 88415-9998
  • Thursday, July 23: Cuba, NM 87013-9998
  • Thursday, July 30: North Rim, AZ 86052
  • Thursday, August 6: Ely, NV 89301-3140
  • Thursday, August 13: Yuba City, CA 95991-9998

Lastly, in addition to addressing the package correctly and getting it to the post office in time to be picked up, it is also IMPORTANT that the following is written somewhere on the package: “Hold for pickup on DATE.”  (“DATE” refers to the dates listed above.)  This is important because we will have the post office forward any mail received after we have left town; without this note, your package may be held instead of forwarded.  Remember only mail and packages sent via the USPS will be held!  All other carriers will be returned to sender.


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